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HEMC Orthopedics Products - Hip Implants & Instruments

We offer the following type of Hip Implants & Instruments:

HEMC Orthopaedic products covers a wide range of implants and the instrumentation required to affix our implants. Our implants are subject to stringent quality control checks at all stages of production starting from the raw material to the finished product. The raw material in our implants meets all the requirements of international standards.

Our instruments are manufactured from the best suitable magnetic or non-magnetic stainless steel and at times additional treatment and/or coating are given to the instrument surface to ensure the durability and resistance to corrosion.

We have a sophisticated certified quality management system which ensures that you and ultimately the patients - receive premium-class orthopedic products.
Note: Each of our orthopedic implant and instrument is carefully inspected for dimensions, workmanship and finish after which they are laser marked. It is important to refer to a product correctly by its code for getting a right quote or while ordering. Each item bears its own individual number product code, size and/or type.
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